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Soopy's Design Gallery

Original T-shirts and Drumsticks
for "10,000 days Project" (2017)


Soopy's Signature Drumstick
Soopy's Signature Drumsticks by Pearl
(*not for sale)

New Year Card (2016)

凸 "TOTSU" - The Amazing Letter
凸 "TOTSU" 1st mini album "The Amazing Letter" Artwork

"TERMINAL" album artwork
photo by Mai Yokota / painting by Sae Taniguchi

New Year Card (2014)

"Percussion Chair" (2013)
designed & painted by Tomohisa "Soopy" Suzuki

"Smiley T-shirt" Purple ver. (2013)

New Year Card (2013)

"Smiley T-shirt" Black ver. (2012)